Seal leaking castings in 60 seconds

..with the Spot-Seal Pressure Impregnation Gun

Air under water pressure test

Spot-Seal Impregnation Gun

Sealing porosity in a machined hole

Spot-Seal Impregnation Gun

Sealing porosity on a cast surface

Significant savings in time and money

Immediate in-house recovery - no lost production, no transport costs, no risk of damage and no sealant contamination

  • Easy to use hand held gun
  • Process time 1 minute and re-pressure test in 30 minutes
  • The cost to seal a leak can be less than 10 pence
  • Seals fine and gross leakers
  • Pressure impregnation is an approved method of sealing porosity in castings

'Spot-Seal' customers include... Jaguar Land Rover, Ryobi, Castalum, JT Price, MJ Allen, Cannop, GPD and others.

Spot-Seal Selective Casting Impregnation Kit Demonstration Video